Let the Blogging Begin

I’m very excited to be working on my Master’s Degree in Instructional Design. I’m looking forward to studying learning theories and creating effective On-Line Training programs. As part of this process, I’m beginning a blog about Instructional Design.

I work with World Vision, an international organization. I’m especially interested in exploring ideas various adult learning theories, but I wonder about how motivation of learners and theories about what appeals to learners in online training changes with international users.

I found several great blogs by instructional designers which provide information on different aspects of training and instructional design.

The first blog looks at the process for creating job aids. I find users are constantly looking for job aids, many times preferring a quick step by step guide to a complete training course. I appreciate the thoughts about effectiveness of job aids and the learning process. Check out this blog to learn more:


Next, I’m really interested in the development of online training, and how to motivate and encourage online learners. I think this blog does a great job of looking at the behaviors of online learners. Of course, I’m also interested in exploring how these behaviors change when working with international students. To learn more about this topic, please explore the blog below:


Next, I’m going to  stick with my international leaner issues and look for an exploration of what type of learning is more effective, multimedia presentations versus the traditional text learning process. I think the blog below offers an interesting perspective. I do find that most of our users are very sophisticated about their demands for content. Although this blog indicates that there’s not a great deal of difference in learning outcomes, I find that the sophistication level of the learner is almost always synonymous with a multimedia presentation. I am interested in exploring how the multimedia presentation must change for an international audience, especially those that are viewing a presentation in English as their second language.  I’ve found that these learners look for far more detail than what we’ve expected from most multimedia presentations. We are conditioned to believe that simpler is better, and we’ve found that’s not always the case with the international learner.

To explore this topic further, please click on the following link:


Finally, I look forward to exploring the blogosphere even further. Thanks for following along as I dip my toes in to this process.


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